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How to leverage the benefit of cloud to work from home

Updated: Jul 12, 2020

In this Covid 19 situation with shutdowns & lockdowns becoming a part of business, find how an Entrepreneur can still have full control over Invoicing, Receivables, Payables & dispatches by moving his ERP system to cloud.

For any enterprise whether small, medium or large, business continuity is dependent on certain processes & information which are critical to decision making. The factory, shop, office might be temporarily close but the organisation is alive & needs certain information available at all the time to maintain the business continuity.

With the passage of time almost 80% of the SME have adapted information technology to maintain the most critical function of business like maintaining books of accounts, generating invoices, creating despatch challans and keeping inventory of stocks. The idea behind this was to have all the information related to day to day functioning of business at the finger tip of the owner or the manager.

However, in this Covid 19 scenario where business is passing through a difficult time due to intermittent lockdown & shutdowns an entrepreneur cannot afford to stop all the activities related to business. Even though his office and shops are closed of operation, he has to clear his payables, he has to discharge his compliance related liabilities, pay staff salaries & to generate funds for this he has to collect his receivables.

To be able to do all this a business owner needs the information stored in his ERP and be able to access it on a continuous basis. Unfortunately the traditional ERP systems by default are bound to the computer systems & do not have that capabilities to access it remotely through internet. However, keeping in view of the necessity of time and to facilitate work from home environment the Cloud Technology is helping by way of enabling the SME to access their existing ERP systems from anywhere, any time and from any device. The cloud computing has infact unlocked the ERP from its shackles of being bound to a particular computer systems to becoming an omnipresent decision making tool.

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